The Truth Behind Making Progress

The Truth Behind Making Progress

      While yes, I do write workout programs tailored to your specific goals, and yes, some workouts are exceptionally better than others as they will provide more results while simultaneously maximizing your time in the gym, progress is not as simple as that. I love writing workout programs for people. I love learning about what they envision for themselves, and I love being apart of their own fitness journey.

     With that said, fitness coaches are not miracle workers (unfortunately) and writing the programs is only a small part of the equation. Fortunately, the other part of the equation is completely controlled by YOU! That's the beauty of fitness; you get out exactly what you put in. In simpler terms, you have to work hard as nothing worth having will ever be easy. However, I promise to you that doesn't mean fitness or working out is a chore. In fact, the harder I work, the more I fall in love with the gym. 

     A lot of people will claim to have all the answers. They will claim to have the "perfect" workout for you. They will claim to help you lose all of your belly fat while toning up all in the two weeks before bikini season. I'm actually here to tell you I don't have all the answers. I have your workouts that will be individualized to your goals and I have your meal plan that will be tailored to your height, weight, goals, bf percentage, relationship with food, etc. I also will have continued support and love for you as you venture on your journey of fitness, but these are not all the answers. What will truly get you to your desired results is pushing yourself. It's the dedication; it's the motivation; it's the devotion; and it's the hard work that will push you to where you want to be.

     This may be disappointing for some---the idea that I cannot hand over your results, but for many, I hope this is uplifting and I hope it is motivating. I hope it empowers you to know that everything that you want to achieve is controlled by you and your own determination. So whether I am your coach or not, let this be something you carry with you through all places in your life: your goals, your ambitions, and your aspirations are controlled by your hard work. 

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